vRezolve’s Automated Chargeback system digitizes your Issuer chargeback process right from the point when customer disputes a transaction(s) till the end of dispute. It manages your dispute information collection, accounting, rule based temporary credits. It can even suggest you whether the information received from the customer is complete or not. That’s not all, it manages your cases at representment stage as well. its highly customizable as per your business needs whenever your want.


Automated Information

Dispute information captured with just one click. System automatically follows up with customer for information until complete information is provided by the card holder.


  • Customer friendly
  • Complete information at one step.
  • No paperwork involved
  • No human effort of calling card holder
  • SMS alerts & triggers to customer
  • Time saving
Paperless Processing

Our system enables you to go paperless, you will not print or maintain even a single sheet of paper, all case documents of all stages available with the case all the time & download if you want.


  • Easy maintenance , less complexity.
  • Save paper & printing cost
  • More manageable
  • Always ready for audit & compliance.
  • Easy customer management.
Easy Accounting

All financial actions are captured by the system, all actions are available as reports, your accounting becomes easy and less complex.


  • Reduced complexity.
  • Better financial control
  • Meet audit & compliance requirements.
  • Have robust audit trail
Custom Reports & Dashboard

Real-time reports of all actions, download them in multiple formats. Dashboard to see the real-time status of entire operations.


  • No excel work anymore.
  • Easy management reporting.
  • System can email reports automatically.
Alerts & Notifications

Your customers will get notifications & alerts of the case whenever there is an update or whenever they want to know the status.


  • Less calls from the customer.
  • Customer aware of the status of cases.
  • Engage with customers quicker than before.
Smart Case Tracking

The system auto tracks the cases and their status, it ensures that you don’t miss any case or TAT. The system auto moves the case from one queue to another based on rules.


  • No hits and misses.
  • Meet 100% TAT all the time.

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