Handle your acquiring chargebacks like never before, it makes your merchant communication, document collection easy and sorted, with availability on mobile platform, it ensures that it is convenient for merchant to go digital.


Auto Allocate Chargebacks

Notify all your merchants of chargebacks in real-time, the system triggers alerts as SMS, Email, Phone call.


  • No manual intervention.
  • All follow-ups automated.
  • Stepwise guidance to merchants on document to be supplied
Chargeback & Fraud Alerts

Route Real time fraud alerts directly to the merchant from other Issuer banks.


  • Resolve disputes without a chargeback.
  • Reduce number of chargebacks against merchants
  • Reduce chargeback risk
Chargeback Documentation Collection

Collect accurate chargeback documentation and maintain them perpetually. Stepwise assistance to merchant on what documents to supply, available on mobile as well.


  • Quick document fulfillment.
  • Increase merchant convenience.
  • Time alerts ensure on time document fulfillment.
  • Mobile platform adds convenience.

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